Choosing Turf as an Individual or Business Owner

Posted on August 30, 2018 at 12:02 pm

If you are a Market Harborough local looking for turf, it’s always better to buy local if you can. This means the turf will be fresh, and still in good condition when it reaches your garden. It’s the best possible way to make sure you get the quality¬†turf Market Harborough retailers are known for.

Shopping for turf as a domestic customer 

Domestic customers looking for turf for a garden will need to know that they are investing in a high quality product, that is going to grow well in their garden. This is a good time to assess the kind of turf you have in your garden – ask about the different types that could be beneficial, like turf for shady gardens, or extra strong turf. If you find that the grass your house came with isn’t doing the job, then this is a great option for you. It will give you the chance to select something better, so you can enjoy greener, healthier grass.

Shopping for turf as a business 

If you run a business that requires turf, it’s also important you look for quality in the product. This will be especially important if you run a golf course or a bowling green – some kind of business where specialist turf is needed. County greens turf is usually the best option here, as it is a premium type of turf made especially for business customers and for particular use on golf courses.

If you run a business like landscaping or gardening, you might need turf on a more regular basis. Finding a local turf supplier can be important, when you know that you need to rely on the supply chain in the summer months especially. Suppliers can offer you different types of turf, so that you can in turn offer a better service to your customers.

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